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A tea so sexy and playful, you’d think it was wine!
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Our Inspiration, Steeped in Tea - 

For tea enthusiasts and casual tea drinkers alike, Vintage TeaWorks offers handcrafted tea blends that are inspired by celebrated flavors and traditions, from wine and spirits to  seasons, we encourage those who drink it to explore a delightful, uninhibited experience in every sip.

Vintage TeaWorks is…..

A Welcome Diversion: To us, good tea means good times. It’s where we can express our true personalities by exploring the infinite possibilities that are sparked when hot water hits natural ingredients. We are happily recharged by the art of tea making and, of course, the end result.

"We want people to enjoy life, have fun and flirt a little with their wild side.  We wanted to take the seriousness and contemplative feeling that is generally aroused when folks think about tea and toss it out the window.  Tea is fun and social.  No pomp and circumstance here - just good tea and connection."

Fusion: Fusing the tastes of tea and wine or spirits, Vintage TeaWorks offers a tight balance of complementary flavors that will delight even the most discerning palate. This thoughtful concept extracts the best flavor characteristics in an adventurous, yet subtle, union that sets Vintage TeaWorks in a class all its own.

"When wine is your muse, all things are possible.  When we think about a beautiful Bordeaux from St. Emilion or a Napa Cabernet, we get all excited about what is to come.  Uncorking the mystery contained in every bottle.  Our blends are meant to invoke the same feelings of excitement, inspiration, confidence and awareness."

Natural & Handcrafted: We like to think of ourselves as mad scientists in the blending room. The process starts with an open mind and becomes more refined as we find those palate-pleasing combinations that ultimately become our collections. Formulations are tested, re-created and enhanced to achieve purity of concept for your consideration, conversation and enjoyment.  Our TeaMakers blend many all-natural ingredients together in a thoughtful, delicate balance that might just inspire you to raise your teacup in a toast.

Socially Energized
: While many Americans associate tea as an introspective activity, other cultures view it as a social ritual. Vintage TeaWorks teas are the conversation piece at the table, presenting a reason to gather round and celebrate life’s simple pleasures. 

Versatile: With a product portfolio that spans wine, spirits and seasonal offerings, there’s something for everyone in the Vintage TeaWorks collection.  

"Tea is versatile, it’s not just for sick sipping.  Entertain, appreciate, cook and collect tea with the same level of love as a fine wine."  


Our Story

At Vintage TeaWorks, we are passionate about two things – tea and wine.  So passionate are we about these divine delights that we set out to find a way to bring the two of them together.  We scoured the market and were disappointed to see what was available – teas that were artificially flavored to mimic wine weren’t what we expected or what we wanted.  We knew we could do better and Vintage TeaWorks was born.  Our teas aren't meant to mimic or recreate wine, but rather to celebrate wine and tea's unique characteristics. Read More