The Master Steep (The Lab - Remixed)

Hi Steepers,

If you haven't noticed already, I've decided to make a change to our blog. While the basic concepts and values under which I created The Lab are still important and integral to me, after due consideration, I decided to take a stab at retooling our blog a bit. I want it to be a place that is in better alignment with who we are as a company.  A place that reflects the organic culture being created each and everyday by me and my team.  

While my lab continues to be a place where I can freely engage in the creative flow, 

I want the blog to be more.  Why? Well....because tea is so much more.

Our blog, The Lab will be renamed The Master Steep

A place where you and I can share transformative things happening in our lives and do it over a cup of tea....or wine.....or bourbon ;-) 

A place where we can explore those ideals and values that bring us together. We'll still be chatting about tea and wine but we will also dive into love, health and culture.  There will be fun and exciting guest bloggers, new video content and of course, more of my shenanigans. Let's create some magic in this place....complete with unicorns and pixie dust.

Welcome to The Master Steep.


Brandon Ford - Chief TeaMaker 

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