Tea - Remembrance, Connection and Healing

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A tea so sexy and playful, you’d think it was wine!
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Tea - Remembrance, Connection and Healing

Posted by Brandon Ford / September 29, 2014


Hi Steepers,

Is it possible to connect with a deeper self, find clarity, remember a loved one or celebrate a passion through tea blending? Can tea blending be used as a tool to create a portrait of a cherished memory or to cast a symbol of something you need to internalize and make a part of you? 

Do I have your attention now? Ok, good, I'll back up.

I recently spent a weekend in Rock Hill, New York at a camp for adults called Camp Good Life Project. It was 3 1/2 days of making, moving, creating and connecting. It was a camp that allowed many of us to connect with friends old and new and to find ideas, strategies and tools for accelerated personal and business growth. In a nutshell, it was fun and inspiring. Check it out here: Camp GLP

I did a workshop called Tea Fusion where I was lucky enough to teach a bunch of campers all about my passion for tea blending. Each camper had the chance to create their very own tea blend. I started by asking the campers to think about what inspires them and what they love. I said something like,

If your tea is inspired by nothing that's what it'll taste like folks.

Amazing blends were created! Blends inspired by husbands, sisters and children. I smelled teas inspired by cultures, green pastures and trail running. It was really, really beautiful for this tea guy. So, it got me thinking......can I connect with a memory, celebrate a passion, find healing or get clarity with self just by blending tea? YES! 

Tea is art, and art has always been a way for humankind to remember, connect and heal.

While the answer has always been there and in hindsight is common sense, the question....I never thought to ask the question. It wasn't until I saw the embers of joy, thoughtfulness and love begin to radiate within the room during my workshop did something "click". It was electric and now I want more!

Imagine creating a blend inspired by courage and drinking it up. What would courage taste like to you? I imagine it strong and brisk with backbone and a bit of spice for attitude....can you taste it? Liquid courage.

Imagine a blend inspired by your wife's favorite perfume. If you travel like I do, you can take a piece of her with you on your journeys away from home. Are you a city dweller longing for a piece of the country? Create a country right in your tea cup. Just imagine the possibilities. At Camp GLP I witnessed a woman connect with her father, a gentleman connect with the mountains and a friend find a connection to self, all while creating their tea blends. 

I invite you all to continue to explore these ideas with me.  Honestly, I am not sure where I am going with this but.....can I persuade you to join me anyway?  lol!  I promise it'll be worth the ride and I think we will produce some great teas along the way.  If you were making your own custom blended tea, what would it be inspired by?  Tell me in the comments below!  



Brandon Ford - Chief Tea Blender  

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