Monday Inspiration: Be Someone's Shot of Whiskey

Hello, my name is Brandon and I am a people-pleaser. To some this may be a surprise, but to my wife, who knows me better than anyone else, it’s as obvious as the sky is blue. I try and hide it, but I am not very good at deception.

You see, there is something seductive and even a little addictive about the warm smile of a person who likes you. You feel all warm down inside at that moment you win them over, and you might even give yourself a mental high-five for awesomeness (okay, I'€™m probably the only one who does this!). It feels good to be liked.....€doesn'™t it?

But as Dani Shapiro notes in her essay "€œWhat Do You Do When the Internet Hates You" it isn'€™t fun and it doesn'€™t work. With the help of a supportive, but honest group of loved ones I am breaking my addiction. Proof.........this video

I made it this past week. It'€™s refreshing to just be me, even if everyone doesn'€™t like it. So, I thought the quote for today was great, even though I am definitely more than just a shot of whiskey, I am two fingers of Bourbon.



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