Welcome to The Lab

Welcome to Vintage TeaWorks' The Lab

where wine and tea flow freely and where my team and I hope to share with you all our little secrets about the world of Tea, Wine, Food and Life.

"Tea is more than just a hot beverage.  It is a means of connecting with others and building relationships"

The only other beverage I know that does the same thing is wine.  I've brought these two world together as a part of our Wine-Inspired Tea Collection and I hope to use The Lab as a place where we can continue to experiment with this idea.  Neither wine, nor tea looks good wrapped in pomp and circumstance, so don't expect that here.

Humor, learning and a whole lot of passion are the hallmarks of The Lab 

So, you might ask, "Why the lab?"  Well, I have a little lab in my home where I like to experiment with teas, botanicals, wine and even some spirits.  I find peace, excitement and creativity when I'm there toiling away trying to create the next Vintage TeaWorks creation.  At the same time, I've got two precocious little boys who are always plotting some mischief while daddy is trying to work.  

I'm inviting you in for a front row seat.  So in a way, my lab has now become yours too.

Do come in and sit a spell.  I've got tea....and a bunch of other stuff too!

Check out the video for a little more about me.  

All the Best,

Brandon L. Ford, Founder / TeaMaker

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  • Kristoffer Carter

    Wow! So inspiring and beautifully produced. Very excited about this (I’m sure that surprises you :))

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